Applique has been a fun and easy way to add personality, originality, and creativity to any project! But what if you don’t have any fabric scraps on hand? Or maybe you want to create an appliqué design that’s a little more elaborate than what’s possible with basic stitch types? Appliqueing with your embroidery machine is the perfect solution! In this blog post, we’ll be showing you how to applique with embroidery machine.

What is an Applique?


Applique is a decorative embellishment created by stitching pieces of fabric or other materials onto a larger piece, usually using an embroidery machine. With this technique, you can make complicated patterns and designs with textured effects.

Where to Purchase Applique Designs

If you are looking for pre-made applique designs, several online sources sell quality embroidery patterns. Some popular options include Etsy, Craftsy, & You can also find quality designs at your local craft store or sewing supply shop.

Basic Supplies Needed to Do Applique With Embroidery Machine

Embroidery machine with an applique function or Sewing machine with a zigzag stitch function

  • Stabilizer (such as cutaway or tearaway stabilizer)
  • Adhesive or basting spray
  • Pins
  • Applique fabrics in a variety of colors and textures
  • Embroidery(Bobbin) thread to match the fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Iron

How to Applique With Embroidery Machine

how to applique with embroidery machine

Find a Design & Load it on The Machine

To begin appliqueing with your embroidery machine, you must select a design or create your own. Once you have chosen a suitable design, be sure to load it onto your embroidery machine and adjust any settings as needed.

Prepare Your Hoop & Stabilizer

Once your design is loaded, you will need to prepare the hoop for your fabric. First, place a layer of stabilizer in the hoop and secure it tightly.

Load Your Bobbin

You will need to load your embroidery bobbin with thread that matches the applique fabric. Once the bobbin is loaded, you are ready to begin appliqueing!

Stitch The Applique Outline

The first step in appliqueing is to stitch the outline of the design. To sew the outline, follow the prompts on your embroidery machine. Be sure to use a zigzag or other applique stitch type that will allow you to create an even more secure outline.

Apply Applique Fabric Over Stitch Outline

Once you have stitched the outline, you can begin to applique your fabric over the top of it. To do this, place your applique fabric over the stitched outline. To set the fabric securely, you can also use pins, a temporary adhesive spray, or fusible webbing.

Cut The Extra Applique Fabric

Once your applique fabric is in place, you can trim away the excess around the design. Be sure to leave a small margin of fabric around the edge of the design to secure it.

Use Heat to Set it in Place:

Once you have trimmed away the excess fabric, you can use a hot iron to heat it. This will help to keep it from shifting during the embroidery process. And also for easy washability.

Verify Thread Color

If your design has multiple colors, you must change the thread color on your embroidery machine accordingly. Before you begin stitching, verify that all of your thread colors are loaded and ready to use.

Embroider Satin Stitch

The next step is to embroider the satin stitch around your applique design. The finishing will be professional and furnished. You can use the built-in settings on your embroidery machine or a stabilizer guide to ensure that your satin stitches are evenly spaced.

Remove Stray Threads & Lint

Once you have completed the embroidery, you can remove stray threads or lint from the design. To do this, use a lint roller or a piece of tape.

Enjoy Your Applique!

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully appliqued a design onto your fabric using an embroidery machine. Enjoy your new applique, and show it off to all of your friends!

Applique Embroidery Tips

A few tips can help make appliqueing with an embroidery machine easier and more successful.

1: Use a water-soluble stabilizer when appliqueing with delicate fabrics such as lace or voile. This will help support the fabric and prevent it from stretching during the embroidery process.

2: If you are appliqueing multiple layers of fabric, use a temporary adhesive spray between each layer to secure them in place.

3: When choosing an applique stitch type, opt for a zigzag or another applique stitch that will create a tight, even stitch around the design outline.

4: As you are embroidering your design, be sure to check the tension of your thread periodically. This will help to prevent the thread from breaking or becoming tangled.

5: To keep your applique design from shifting during the embroidery process, you can use a piece of stabilizer or a temporary adhesive spray to secure it in place.

6: Always remove any lint or stray threads from your finished applique design before washing it to help prevent snags and other damage.

7: If you are looking for unique or custom applique designs, you can often find them online or in craft stores. You can also create your designs with a digital embroidery machine. Just be sure to use quality software and high-quality thread or fabric!

With these tips in mind, surely you can create your eye-catching applique designs using an embroidery machine. So why wait? Grab your supplies and get started today!


The best thread to use for applique is a high-quality, colorfast thread. This is especially important when embroidering on delicate fabric such as satin or silk, which can stretch easily.

The best fabric for applique is a stable fabric such as cotton or linen. This will help to prevent the material from stretching during the embroidery process. Other options include sheer or delicate fabrics such as lace or voile.

The best stabilizer to use for applique is a water-soluble stabilizer. You can also use it between layers of fabric to prevent shifting.

The best stitch type to use for applique is a zigzag or another applique stitch that will create a tight, even stitch around the design outline.


Whether you are looking for a simple way to embellish clothing and fabric projects, or you want to create custom applique designs from scratch, an embroidery machine can be a great tool. With these tips, you can easily create beautiful applique designs using your embroidery machine and quality thread or fabric.