You can easily create embroidery designs on a computer with special embroidery software or download them from the internet. Once you have made or found the design you want to use, you need to transfer it to your embroidery machine. In this blog post, I’ll show you all the steps on how to transfer embroidery designs from computer to machine in detail. This process is simple, and you can perform it in minimal steps.

Steps on How to Transfer Embroidery Designs From Computer to Machine

1. Download the Embroidery Designs

First, download all the embroidery designs you want to transfer to your computer. Our recommendation is to keep all the downloaded designs in a specified folder. This ensures that you can find any specific ones more efficiently, and it makes sure they don’t get lost among the other work-in-progress files, which could happen if everything went into one giant mess file together!

2. Connect Data Cord to Computer

Next, connect the data cord that came with your machine to your computer. One end will be USB, and it will fit into the port on your computer. You might need to twitch a little to fit easily. Once it’s connected, you’ll see a message popping up on the screen to notify you that the connection was successful.

3. Connect Data Cord to Machine

Then, plug the other end of the data cord into your machine. There will be a port on the side or back of the device into which the cable will fit snugly. Insert the cord into that port and ensure it is securely in place.

4. Turn on Machine

Once the data cord is connected to your computer and machine, you’ll need to turn on your device. You should see a light indicator come on, signalling that your machine is powered on.

5. Open Folder of Designs

Once your machine is turned on, open the folder of embroidery designs on your computer that you downloaded in Step 1.

6. Drag and Drop Designs

Drag and drop the designs you want to use from the folder onto your machine. The designs will automatically begin to transfer over to your machine.

7. Wait for Transfer to Complete

Once the transfer starts, you will likely see a progress bar informing how long it will take. It might take a few minutes to complete the process in some cases.

8. Open Embroidery Menu

Once the transfer is complete, open the embroidery menu on your machine. This will likely be located under a “Design” or “Sew” tab. You should be able to select the designs that were transferred from your computer and view them on your screen.

Although transferring embroidery designs to your machine can seem confusing, it is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. You can quickly share any design from your computer to your machine and begin embroidering it by following the steps above.

How to Transfer Embroidery Designs From Computer to Machine

Things to Avoid While Transferring Designs

Do not unplug the data cord from either your computer or machine while the transfer is in progress. Doing so could damage your designs. Strictly avoid shutting down or restarting your computer while the transfer is in progress. You might lose your essential files.

Never open any other applications or browse the internet while transferring the downloaded designs. This could disrupt the transfer process.

Do not use wireless internet connections while transferring designs from computer to embroidery machine. This action might interfere and result in the corruption or half-data transfer.

Avoid manually transferring designs from your computer to your machine. Doing so could cause data loss. Always use the data cord that came with your machine to share all the files successfully.


If the transfer fails while transferring designs from computer to embroidery machine, there are several possible causes. Ensure that the data cord is securely connected and that your internet connection is steady. If the transfer still fails, try restarting your computer and machine and then try again.

This could happen due to multiple reasons. Ensure that you are using the correct embroidery menu on your machine and that your designs have transferred successfully. Additionally, it is also recommended to update your machine's firmware.

No, it is not recommended to transfer designs wirelessly. There is a high risk of data missing or corruption when using wireless internet, leading to problems with your plans. Always use the included data cord to transfer your computer to your machine designs.